Crop Type Identification

  • Crop type coverage mapping (to degree possible through automated method-depending on region specific calibration)?
  • What is the crop specific acreage?
  • How did the crop acreage change over time?


This service maps crop extents and types for providing the baseline information to enable crop and grassland monitoring. It delivers an accurate location and acreage of the production, as well as a generation of a systematic and repetitive coverage.

Crop Type Identification


Crop Monitoring

  • What is the actual state and condition of crops in comparison to history?
  • What is their variation over time?
  • What is the individual field crop rotation cycle?


A service suitable for the identification of crop growing condition status as well as to monitor crop and grass condition over time.
By delivering an effective and efficient monitoring and managing of agricultural practices it enables an improved strategy and decision making by prioritizing actions as well as selecting und upscaling of successful practices.

Crop Monitoring


Grassland Monitoring


  • Identification of Grassland
  • Status of Grassland regions
  • Intensity of use (indicated by Mowing counts)
  • Bare Soil Counts


A service that identifies Grassland regions through a sophisticated combination of biophysical indices. The growing status can be calculated as well as the Intensity of usage, which is indicated for example by Mowing counts.




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